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Sensazionitaliane is the result of a journey of self-knowledge through food.

It is the journey of a young, visionary entrepreneur from Campania who wondered what would be on his ideal table every day if he could really choose freely!

... and if it were possible to temporarily leave behind the memory of food consumed compulsively in a fast food restaurant or during short and destructive lunch breaks in front of the terminal.

Unleashed, Carmine D'Antuono, a manager with a contemporary and sufficiently unconventional look, has followed up on his visions of taste by producing in house and sometimes selecting the best products on the market in terms of control of the production chain, of the preciousness of the material. first, of the softest possible processing of the latter, of respect for the traditions of our country, of attention to the healthiest and most balanced diet and… of the most succulent goodness.

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