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"Le Delizie della Costiera" has selected for you the company "I Giardini di Ravello", founded in 1991 with the aim of turning lemons of the Amalfi Coast into an excellent liqueur according to ancient recipes of the rural tradition. Limoncello, in fact, is cited on texts dating back to 1400 under the name "Rosolino al limone".

The method of production is still that of long time ago: select the best lemons, collect them and turn them into liquor with an unmistakable taste.

The secret of this recipe begins with the care of the lemon grove. It is important to protect it from the cold, heat and diseases without using harmful substances for humans. The particular climate of the Amalfi Coast favors the growth of a lemon with an irregular and oblong shape, a thick and fragrant rind. It is called "Sfusato".

Then lemons are cleaned and peeled one by one. The skins are infused in very pure alcohol, to which, subsequently, water and sugar are added, without dyes and without preservatives.

Next to the Limoncello are produced other liqueurs, jams and oils using local fruits and herbs, such as fennel liqueur, myrtle, mandarin, wild strawberry, licorice, lemon jams, oranges and figs and babas.

To satisfy all customers, a line of creams has been created that includes lemon and melon.

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