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A company born in the heart of Gragnano, an IGP-IFS -BRC certified pasta factory.

The team of pasta makers belongs to an ancient family of maccaroni makers, now in its fourth generation.

The “Mastro Pastaio” is the guardian of family secrets, handed down thanks to the experiences accumulated in the past decades, by his grandfather and his father and begins the activity of pasta making in 1970.

Even today, together with his children, he keeps family traditions alive. Pasta factory “Antiche Tradizioni di Gragnano” contributes, with passion and skill, to maintaining the reality of the territory, which highlights more than "500 years" of pasta production.

A history and tradition mean that the country is identified as: "Gragnano: the town of the pasta".

Pasta is a simple product: durum wheat semolina and water. To preserve its simplicity, it is necessary choice and selection of these two elements is accurate.

For production are used only 100% Italian wheat in bags and the best crops.

Water, another essential element, is given by the source of the nearby Faito Mountain.

Once ingredients have been chosen, the pasta master passes the durum wheat semolina to the sieve to check purity of the product before starting production.

Pasta is bronze drawn. Bronze and slow drying "give" to the pasta that particular roughness that allows a perfect union with the sauce.

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