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The story of Roberta “cheesemakers” was born out of choice and protection.

The sparks were the love for Campania cheeses and the desire to protect and pass on the artisan culture of a unique craft, the "mozzatore" of goodness: the cheesemaker.

A story that began in 1991, with the intuition of father Antonio and is a story made up of men and animals, loving gestures and genuine flavors, to bring only authentic products to the table.

For three generations the company has dedicated itself with passion and expertise to the art of dairy farming in Campania.

A vocation for the genuine handed down from father to son, to skillfully create the knowledge and flavors of our land. Not only the raw material is transformed, but also the palates, the looks, the noses and the ears of those who want to savor.

Fresh and aged buffalo cheeses are produced by hand every day. The ancient techniques of milk processing, refining and production of buffalo cheeses are handed down from father to son.

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