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Luoghi delle delizie

  • Atrani
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    Atrani is the smallest Italian municipality by surface (just 0.9 sq km) and is located about 700 meters from Amalfi. Squeezed between Mount Civita to the east and Mount Aureo to the west, Atrani extends along the valley of the River Dragon, so-called because according to legend a terrible fire breathing dragon was hiding here.

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  • Cetara
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    The pretty seaside village of Cetara stands at the foot of Mount Falerio and consists of a group of houses that stretch out in a green rocky inlet lined with vineyards and lemon groves, a fascinating Saracen tower overlooking the small beach and a small port where mainly fishing boats and fishing boats are moored. In fact, Cetara differs from other countries on the Amalfi Coast in that it still retains an ancient maritime tradition today.

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  • Conca dei Marini
    Conca dei Marini
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    The Municipality of Conca dei Marini is considered by extension the fourth smallest municipality in Italy and the second in Campania after Atrani. 

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  • Vietri sul mare
    Vietri sul mare
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    Vietri sul Mare is just 3 km west of Salerno and can be considered "the first pearl" of the Amalfi Coast since it marks the beginning.

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  • Furore
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    The Municipality of Furore, in addition to being part of the UNESCO World Heritage as well as the entire Amalfi Coast, is also part of the "Club of the most beautiful villages in Italy": a private association created to enhance the heritage of history, art, environment, culture and traditions of the small member municipalities. 

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  • Amalfi
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    The city of Amalfi is one of the pearls of the Italian peninsula; it is the oldest of the Maritime Republics and which gives its name to the stretch of coast that extends from Vietri sul Mare to Positano. 

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  • Maiori
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    Maiori is a splendid seaside resort since it has the longest beach on the entire Amalfi Coast which reaches almost 1 km in length

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  • Minori
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    The inhabited center, like most of the other Municipalities of the Amalfi Coast, develops along the valley that ends with a small beach and crossed by the Reginna Minor torrent. The houses and small buildings of the historic center are all close together and very close to the sea while the various hamlets cling to the ridges of the surrounding hills from whose terraces, mainly cultivated with lemons and vines, you can enjoy a unique panorama.

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  • Praiano
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    The Municipality of Praiano is located between Amalfi and the nearest Positano and is an ancient fishing village. It is less famous than the neighboring Positano but allows the numerous tourists who visit the coastal center to observe a unique and enchanting landscape: in fact, the Doges of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi already chose Praiano as a tourist residence and therefore a destination for their holidays.

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  • Scala
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    Anyone who visits Scala is struck by the historical and landscape beauties as you can admire Ravello opposite with part of the Amalfi Coast and the blue sea in the distance.

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  • Ravello
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    It is a destination for many tourists because, in addition to the breathtaking views that can be admired and for the artistic and gastronomic beauties, in Ravello you can breathe a unique and peaceful atmosphere making your stay unforgettable.

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  • Tramonti
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     The name indicates a "land between the mountains", from the ancient "intra montes ubertas".

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